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Will it compile and run?? If No ... please explain?

  2. public class Test{


  4. public static void main(String asd[]){


  6. System.out.println(" Test!! ");

  7. }


  9. }


  11. protected class A{

  12. }


  14. private class B extends A{

  15. }

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Phanindra Ramesh

  • Feb 5th, 2013

It will be a compiler error as public and default are the only access modifiers allowed for a Class.

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Abhinav Rohatgi

  • Apr 1st, 2013

Class will only be public,default,final
protected & private yield to compile time error

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  • May 29th, 2013

first of it will not compile,because outer classes we cant create with the modifier protected

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Sajad rasheed

  • Jun 15th, 2015

In this case if will show compile time error because the order of access specifier is stronger to weaker and calling of parent requires super keyword which isnt written in code 

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