Session creation

Why session is created ?
How is it related to security concern for the application?
Why session ID is created ?

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  • Jun 18th, 2012

We use session to store the users information ,and can be use on next page when user click on next page.

like we have a page for login which consist 2 text box one for username and another for password ten we can store the text of textbox 1 as username session and redirect the user on next page after login and on next page we can use that username for welcome label.

  1. session("username")=textbox1.text


  • Apr 8th, 2015

I couldnt understand it....I want deep explanation

abha maurya

  • Apr 18th, 2015

Session creation  is very important for security purpose....suppose various people on the same website trying to fill form so how does server understand the request of diff. Users that's why we use session id.... it provide to every clients. After that if any request comes from client...server first check the session id then request send to the same session id for execution......thus the complication of server is reduced easily.

its like to maintain some information during a particular conversation. Suppose you open gmail so some information has to be maintain during the whole conversation with server from browser(client) ..
So that information is stored somewhere till the time you logout.(example)

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