Citrix Xenapp 6.5 Server Reboot

In Citrix Xenapp 6.5, if Citrix environment server goes down where they user are already login or landed so they are unable to access for his session and when they are try to re-login at same time it will be not possible to login on a same server because the server goes down. So What I want is When the users are going to re-login How to log them in to another sever which I have already published in Citrix App Center.

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  • Oct 11th, 2015

No need. Session distribution is a task by data collector. When a server goes down the data collector is aware of that and the sessions will be routed to least loaded server which in your case will be the new server in the farm.

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  • Jan 10th, 2016

First if the faulty server is accessible, disable the logon by command change logon/disable. But if the server is not accessible then go to the Citrix app center or delivery console remove the server from the app load balancing by going to properties of the applications-servers
After that you can do troubleshooting of that server.. There are high chances if you not disable logon or remove the server user connection may get hit to this server.

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