How to acknowledge the interviewee is indeed fast learner?

What is the best method to check if the interviewee sitting in front of me is indeed fast learner, as he claims.
Asking about examples from his past is one thing. What else?

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  • Apr 24th, 2012

I will rephrase the question - How do you confirm that the candidate for the position has the learning agility required for the position?

Coach the candidates rapidly thru a challenge(not a trick) unique to his field of specialty to a satisfactory level of success. Then present another challenge which requires the use of the newly acquired skills in a slightly different way. The agile learner will be able to put these new skills to productive use and the slug will be stumped.


  • Mar 24th, 2014

I agree with "forwallytal."

To elaborate on "forwallytal" response, present a new concept - may or may not be relevant to the area of experience of the interviewee. After the presentation, hand out quizz that prompts the test audience to apply the newly acquired knowledge to arrive at an answer. To put this into perspective, tts like reading comprehension, where answers lie in the paragraph. But here, the quiz is closed book.

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