How you proceed to convert Business Requirement till the signoff on the documents?

Steps carried out during initial project kick off till the requirement Document sign off for a new project

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  • May 19th, 2013

Once the project is initiated, its Scope is defined. Analyze the project scope and its dependent applications within the system and find out the impact analysis. Do some homework on gathering the requirements to achieve the project goal.This can be done by identifying the stakeholders, end-users and brainstorming,taking interviews,conducting meetings or JAD and document the Business Requirements.

Once the requirements are gathered, review the document,make appropriate changes,take the sign-off from the project stakeholders and freeze the requirements. Any new requirements after freezing the document will go into traceability matrix and accordingly the deadlines will be changed. Once the BRD is clearly defined, go for the next step viz, functional requirements gathering and documentation.

This document tells what technology needs to be used and how to implement the requirements specified.It contains the details regarding the platform used, memory space required, technology, performance impacts,etc. Once FRD is done, jot down the positive and negative test cases, test criteria, test data. Testing criteria will also aid in development of the product in an efficient manner.

Once development is started, unit testing will be carried out by Developers and system integration testing will be carried out by testing team. UAT will be done by end-users. Performance or load testing is carried mostly after the end-user testing.

Defects found during testing needs to be documented and fixed as per the timelines. once the defect fixing is done, the product is ready to go live. There can be production issues during delivery of the product, these defects need to be identified and fixed. After go-live stage, the project comes under maintenance support.

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