Leading a team in new functional area

How to lead a team in new functional area, in which your do not have full understanding ? How do you measure the objectives and team members outputs?

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Previndra Kumar Sharma

  • Sep 30th, 2011

1. Gel with old team members to understand the functional area
2. Better understanding of project processes and deliverables
3. Involving in much in co-ordination with members and client

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Krishna Kumar J S

  • Jan 29th, 2012

Make understand the team members that this is new functionality for the team and arrange KT session for this with the person who were already expertise in this. Then organanise these knowledges as per the process which were already followed by previous experts of this new functionality.

In case if the functionality is entirely new and if our team is the first going to handle this, then with the selected top performing resource and team lead should arrange for the training sessions with the clients and other stack holders and then bring a process and have frequent reviews till this new process being implemented successfully.

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