What are the steps to create .pst in client system ?

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Yogesh Dhiman

  • Aug 10th, 2011

we have two option for creation of Archive folder or PST(Personal Storage Template) or personal folder

1. Automatic Archive
2. Manually Archive

Manually Archive for 2007 and 2010

For Outlook 2007
File> New> Outlook data file> Select 1st option under type of storage>select the location for PST(exp-d-driveoutlook)> Give file name according your choice like Archive 2011> Ok> mention again Archive 2011>Ok
Now it appear in left hand side Navigation pane of Outlook 2007 window

For Outlook 2010
File> Info> Scroll down account setting button >select Data file tab under Account Setting window>>Select path where you want store> Give file name >>ok Give name to the Archive folder>>OK
Now it appear in left hand side Navigation pane of Outlook 2010 window


  • Jun 9th, 2014

Go to the file tab and press on Open&Export. then select Import &export.

Then select export to a file . on the next pane select Outlook
Data File (.pst).

Then Browse and select a location to save the .pst file .

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Mohammad Tarique

  • Sep 19th, 2018

-Go to file menu in outlook
-Click on the Import&Export tab
-Click on export the file option and chose the location
-Select the Path where you can save the file

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