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What is the role of software in process equipment design and what software should one refer to while dealing with related problems?

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kishan vadariya

  • Jun 1st, 2012

Software's or u can say simulators are used mainly to get simulated results of many parameters like product composition, pressure, temperature, mole-mass fraction etc. this results will most probable with actual results because it runs on the actual data.

ASPEN PLUS, MATLAB, HYSIS, CHEMCAD are some software's for us

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Sandeep cheekati

  • Mar 14th, 2016

We can use Dynochem, Visimix, Aspen plus

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  • Sep 17th, 2017

Software are necessary because they are used in simulation of a process for example to find out the composition of distillate and bottom product of distillation column and we can also vary the number of plates in the column and find the resulting product compositions and also in the reactors by varying the length of PFRs and checking whether the process or reaction is feasible or not.

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