Submitted Questions

  • Heat exchangers

    What is the basis of choosing the shell side and tube side fluid?

    Kingsuk Karmakar

    • Aug 4th, 2017

    If your process fluid is corrosive nature then you have choose flow in tube side. Because if fluid damage the tube it has been replace is easier and less cheaper then shell side. 2. The toxic and haza...


    • May 23rd, 2016

    Tubes can be easily detached from the main body of a heat exchanger. Therefore, in case of corrosive fluid its more convenient to use it in the tube side.

  • Chemical Software

    What is the role of software in process equipment design and what software should one refer to while dealing with related problems?


    • Sep 17th, 2017

    Software are necessary because they are used in simulation of a process for example to find out the composition of distillate and bottom product of distillation column and we can also vary the number ...

    Sandeep cheekati

    • Mar 14th, 2016

    We can use Dynochem, Visimix, Aspen plus