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What is work load manager in WebSphere? What is the default work load management policy?

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  • Jan 8th, 2012

Workload management (WLM) is a WebSphere facility that provides load balancing and affinity between application servers in a WebSphere clustered environment. WLM is an important facet of performance. WebSphere uses workload management to send requests to alternate members of the cluster. WebSphere can also be configured to route concurrent requests from a user to the application server that serviced the first request. This is called session affinity and can be used to maintain a users session over concurrent HTTP requests. WLM is configurable. The administrator should ensure that each machine or server in the configuration processes a fair share of the overall client load that is being processed by the system as a whole. Workload should be spread among machines such that the workload corresponds to the machine processing power.

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