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The IT giant Tirnop has recently crossed a head count of 150000 and earnings of $7 billion. As one of the forerunners in the technology
front, Tirnop continues to lead the way in products and services in India. At Tirnop, all programmers are equal in every respect. They
receive identical salaries ans also write code at the same rate.Suppose 12 such programmers take 12 minutes to write 12 lines of code in
total. How long will it take 72 programmers to write 72 lines of code in total?
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Anurag Kakaty

  • Sep 25th, 2011

The formula for this question is M1*D1*W2=M2*D2*W1
So putting all these values we get the answer to be 12 minutes

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  • Nov 11th, 2011

why is it: M1*D1*W2=M2*D2*W1 ??
im curious about it.

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