JVM and JDBC Connectivity

Explain working of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Explain the working cycle of the JDBC-ODBC connectivity?

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As the question says JVM and JDBC, let me tell you what JVM is initially,

JVM is java virtual machine which is platform dependent but Java is platform independent and its source code can be executed on any operating system or platform where JVM is installed.
JDBC means Java Data base connectivity.
Think you have a program (Java code) and if there exist a need to connect to the database for any type of tasks to be accomplished, do one thing. Use JDBC. JDBC is an API which allows Java program to connect to the database. JDBC has some classes related to queries of database ( In order to establish connection to the database).
Now, this JDBC implementation can be classified in 2 ways. one is which communicate with the jadbc-odbc bridge and another one communicates with the database API.

The process is as follows.
The JVM will need a driver to connect to the JDBC. this driver will be supplied by the vendor. You can put an query and then connect to the JDBC via the driver, But initially the driver needs to be installed and later on the database serber needs to be configured.

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