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A Citrix XenApp administrator complains about multiple users experiencing slow logins across multiple XenApp servers. What question would you ask if you are allowed to ask only one question? Why?

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  • Nov 19th, 2010

I would ask if it sticks at a particular point, i.e applying computer settings, running login scripts etc. The logging on  process for citrix is complex and it may point you in the right direction.


  • Sep 7th, 2012

if your profile is managed by Roaming, then it can be the size of the roaming profile to copy to the MPS. also if the user LogonServer is away from the DC of the citrix, physically, it might take time to load the login scripts, copy dlls etc which can take time. Best practice is to have your logonservers and citrix srv in the same DC. and the auth happens in sites and services in AD so that the citrix sever should only contact the logonservers in the same DC.


  • Dec 23rd, 2013

If login script, Group policy , roaming profile, server status is fine then there could be below mentioned reasons : -
1) Check with network team if there are any recent changes has been carried which are affecting application performance. OR if there is any faulty port or switch which is causing login delay.
2) Incase if the servers are VM servers, please check the Disk utilization on Datastore where the servers are located. (This could also be the reason for slow performance.)

Nitin Musale

  • Feb 20th, 2015

1. Isolating the Problem
2. Profile issues Problem
3. Drive Mappings Problem
4. Printer Mappings
5. Service Packs and Hotfixes Level
6. Client Conflicts with Internet Explorer 9
7. Client installation issues
8. Issues at the Citrix login page
9. Printer offline issues
10. Print jobs are not processed/ Huge Print queens
11. Issues at the Novell Client window
12. Older directory access services
1. Error messages to do with ‘invalid credentials’
2. This error is typically caused by an incorrectly typed USER ID or Password, or Token (keyfob) Code (alphanumeric). If a character looks like it could be a number or a letter it is always a number.
3. Cannot Launch Applications
4. Confirm you have the Citrix Web client loaded.
5. Temporary internet files
6. The user is prompted to save the launch.ica file.

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