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What UNIX command do you use to find out the open ports in a system?

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  • Jun 14th, 2010

nmap command is Network mapper and port scanner.  This command scans a server to locate open ports and the serviecs associated with those ports. It can also report information about packets filters and firewalls.

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  • Jun 28th, 2010

To determine which ports are open in Unix AIX v 6+, follow these steps:
1. Identify the services by using the netstat command as follows:
# netstat -af inet
The following is an example of this command output. 
The last column of the netstat command output indicates the state of each service. 
Services that are waiting for incoming connections are in the LISTEN state.
2. Open the /etc/services file and check the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) services to map the service to 
port numbers within the operating system.

3. Close the unnecessary ports by removing the running services.
So no one command will do it. It is a combimation of 
# netstat -af ine
/etc/services, and 
some manual checks to see what ports are open 

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