MultiSet Table and Duplication

Why fastload does not support multiset table and duplication?

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Fastload utility does not support duplicate rows.
1.Since MS table supports dup rows, fastload cannot load MS table.
2.Restart logic is one of the reason. Fastload is one of the utility which loads data in blocks(64K). During restart, Fastload sends some of the rows for the second time which occur after a checkpoint. Due to this Fastload rejects duplicates.

For example, consider 20 rows to be loaded in a table. FL utility is used to load the table and ckpt is 5 rows. If restart occurs after 7th row, FL may send 6 and 7th to AMPs during the restart. This records would be considered as duplicates and rejected.

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  • Jun 22nd, 2011

Fastload will support the MULTISET table but it will ignore the all row duplicates because of the restartability mechanism of fastload.

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  • Jun 15th, 2017

Fastload does not support duplicates because storing duplicates in fastload is difficult to the system decreases the performance of the fastload when the fastload script fails when you restart the fastload script and the same row hash value is loaded in to second time

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