What is Shuttering? How it is done on site?

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The shuttering is defined as the casing  into which concrete is poured and in which it remains during the period of setting and hardening.

It is made by hard wood for inferior works, plywood & steelplate for superior works and they are supported by staging of bamboo, salballah, structural tubing.

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Rajiv sinhmar

  • Nov 19th, 2013

shuttering is a form-work, it may be done the purpose of a shape provided on concrete as per drawing . We are poured the concrete we used plywood , channel, props & etc....

kriahan panwar

  • Jan 8th, 2014

shuttering is a temporary structure which helps to construction work to continue in forward direction. It may be wood and steel.

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Md. Nesar Uddin (PowerPac, Bangladesh)

  • Jan 9th, 2014

Shuttering is Temporary Structure. This Structure used for Placing of Permanent Structure according to Approved Drawing and Design. This structure generally Wooden or Steel.

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