Framework Managers Session Parameters

What are the session parameters in Frame work managers, how exactly we use in Report studio?

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  • Jan 20th, 2016

Session parameters are macros available in either Framework Manager that can be used to dynamically determine and display information about a users session. This can be especially handy for general display purposes (such as a persons name) or for security implementation.


These are the session parameters available in 8.3.
- account.defaultName
- account.personalInfo.businessPhone
- account.personalInfo.givenName
- account.personalInfo.surname
- account.personalInfo.timeZoneID
- account.personalInfo.userName

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Sai Nandigam

  • Jan 31st, 2016

A session parameter is a variable that is associated with a session. These parameters are the values that provides session properties like the user id, user name, run locale, machine name, and timestamp etc. These are of two types: Environment Session Parameters and Model Session Parameters.
Environment Session Parameters: Environment session parameters are predefined and are stored in the Content Manager. These are used when the user login into Cognos connection, Cognos Studio, or Framework Manager.
Returns the code for the current active language in Framework Manager. The model content is shown in this language. You can change the active language at any time for your current session only. In future sessions, the model continues to open in the design language.
Specifies the name of the current user as defined in the authentication provider. For example, users first and last name. If you log on anonymously, you will see Anonymous.
Specifies the user ID used to log on to IBM Cognos BI. If you log on anonymously, you will not see this parameter.
Specifies the current date and time.
Specifies the name of the computer where Framework Manager is installed. We can also create custom session parameters.
Model Session Parameters: these are created with hardcoded values, macro functions, query items and other session parameters. Note: session parameter is preceded with a dollar sign ($).

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