Once there came many birds to a pond

Once there came many birds to a pond. There were certain number of lotus flowers in the pond. If each bird occupied one lotus one bird was left alone without any flower. If two birds sat in a flower one flower was left behind. Find the total number of birds and flowers.

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Ans:=4 birds &3 flowers

If 1 bird sat on one lotus 1 bird left behind & if 2 bird sit on 1 lotus then 1 lotus left behind.

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  • Jul 25th, 2009

There are 4 lotus flowers and 3 birds. Let the 0s represent the birds. Let the 1s represent the lotus flowers.

             Each bird sat on each lotus flower, one bird was left alone.

                          1      1      1       1
                          0      0      0     

             Two birds sat on each lotus flower, one flower was left alone.

                               (1 1)       (1 1)
                                  0             0            0

Hence, the answer is 4 birds and 3 lotus flowers


  • Aug 31st, 2009

There are 4 birds and 3 lotus flowers.
When each bird sit on 1 lotus flower, one bird will be left without a flower.
When two birds sit on 1 lotus flower, then one flower will be left out.

Since, when one bird each sits on one flower, one bird is left out, the difference between number of birds(b) and number of flowers(f) is 1. ie.. b-f=1
When 2 birds sit on one flower, one flower is left out, so 2(f-1)=b...

b-f=1... 1st equation
2(f-1)=b... 2nd equation

Solving these tw equations we get, b=4, f=3

So, the number of birs are 4 and number of flowers are 3

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Let us consider the number of flowers is x and that the number of birds is y

Now as per the question when 1 bird tried to occupy 1 flower each, 1 bird is left behind which means that the number of birds is 1 more than the number of flowers

=> y=x+1---------------1

also when 2 birds tried to acquire 1 flower each then 1 flower is left extra

=> y=2(x-1)-----------------------2

solving 1 and 2 we get,

x= 3 and y=4

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  • Feb 18th, 2010

Consider "x->no. of birds and y->no. of flowers"

given "no of flowers is one less than no of birds"
Given "no of flowers is one more than half the no of birds"
solving 2 eqs we get


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  • Mar 12th, 2010

Let no. of birds is "b" and no. of lotus be "l"
Now, a/c to first condition--> b = l+1 & a/c to snd condition--> b/2 = l-1
Solving above equations, we get,
No. of Bird=4 & No. of Lotus = 3

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Let ter be x flowers n y birds ten according to first information we have

by seceond information we have 


solving two equations we get 
x=3 flowers
y=4 birds

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Let total number of birds are = x
and total number of lotus are=y
then according to question:-

x-y=1 ...equation (1)
y-x/2=1 ...equation(2)

Solve these two equation
we get
So total number of birds and lotus are=7 ans

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