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What is the difference between search record and addsearch record.

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  • Jan 12th, 2009

Specify this record if you want a different search record specifically for add actions.

For example, if you selected the auto-numbering option for employee IDs (EMPLID), don’t include EMPLID in the search record.

Likewise, you might want to create special security views for add actions that limit the rows that users can add, based on specific search criteria.

The system default is the standard search record if you don’t specify an add search record.

Search record controls the amount of data that can be requested and
downloaded from the database server as well as the structure of the search
dialogue box. It is also responsible for populating level 0 of the pages within
a component.

Search record and Add Search record: Functionalities are same but add search
record with add mode.

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