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What is the differences in Debugging and Tracing

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AE debug: Go to configuration manager of (App Designer). Then navigate thru
Profile > Edit > Process Scheduler > Application Engine, check the Debug option.
Open the AE program needs to debug and click the traffic light, run program
button. Enter the run control id & debug the AE.

TrTrace: We can go to People Tools in PIA Process
Scheduler->Processes->select the application Engine process you wish to take
trace and in override option give the parameters of trace and in process monitor
itself you will get the trace file.

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  • Dec 1st, 2010

Debugging is step-by-step/line by line and you can see the values in variables while they are getting changed/populated by enabling the debugger option in AE.

Tracing: In the login page you can set &trace = 'y' OR else through command parameters in the process definitions, you can set up the appropriate flag values (like -trace for eg..) this will result in certain values being written to the log file which can be used for rectifying the error.

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