Common Tickets in SAP FICO

What are the most common/important tickets /issues in SAP FICO module? Please list the same

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  • Oct 11th, 2011

1.New Tax codes Creation
2.Sales billing document is not released to account
3.Balancing profit center filed required in line items
4.Needs attach GL accounts to Financial statements Tree.
5.Idoc not generated due to various reasons
6.Needs to attach In OBYC
7.useful life needs to change from 5 to 3 years to 3 to years in asset accounting depreciation areas.
8.Check lists in year end
9.New GL accounts Map in Specify GL accounts For excise transaction
10.Changes needs to make in Form 16A ,dunning form,Payment advice as per client requirement
11.Withholding tax rates needs to updated as per client requirement
12.Needs to update GL accounts in OBYR(update Special GL indicator line reconciliation account)


  • Oct 18th, 2011

sap fi/co are 4 types divided into priority basis 1.critical 2.high 3.medium 4.low ,,basically tickets are generated by clients ,,consultants are reply with critical tickets 2 to 4 hrs ,high ticket reply to 1 business day ,,medium and low tickets 2 -3 days 2 - 5 business days .

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