How would you handle a scenario when requirements change midway in the project?

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Changing the requirement for project depands on changing business requirements which is directly related to business type. if business requirements changes then definitely a BA should prepare the version 2 for the exixsting BRS stating the changes in the existing version and informing the same to development team at the earliest.


  • Oct 1st, 2008

It depends on which stage of SDLC you are in the project. If you know it before that user is gonna give frequent changes in the requirements or sometimes the requirements are not specifically defiined, in this case we should use Agile methodolgy which has the nature of very frequent meetings with business users and also less artifacts.


  • Aug 13th, 2009

If this happen, then BA has to evaluate the requirement throughly. He or she should understand the priorty of requirement, type (change request or new requirement), understand the impact of the requirement to business and system. Can it be scoped in the project or not is a big question, ask your PM or project sponsor regarding this? Check feasiblility, resource, schedule, cost benefits etc. Then develop few options and recommend a best option to go forward.

Yes there are all possibilities that requirements can change midway and of
course we need to remember that we are always trying to customize a product to our
client so this is very possible to occur.

As a BA you need to first analyse the new requirement that has been
put forth, evaluate the same - see how drastic is it going to affect the current
development depending on the severity level, the requirement has to be scoped either in the same release or scoped to the next release, this discussion has be a team effort involving the Project Manager, Technical team lead and the BA team. There are various other factors also that needs to be considered - cost, time,
availability of the resources, etc.


  • Sep 16th, 2010

The RCA need to be known.
The extent of deviation need to be analysed.
Accordingly the technical requirements need to be reviwed.

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