What is the difference between OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and POP (Procedure Oriented Programming).Example of Polymorphism.Why paging, segmentation needed.What is ADT (Abstract Data Type)?

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pop approches top down programing model where as oop approches bottom up programing appproch.example for pop is c languageexample for oop are c++,java.

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Polymorphism: When you inherit a class and add to it.

Paging is a virtual memory scheme which is transparent to the program at the application level and which divides memory into fixed-size blocks, such as 4 KBytes.

The segmentation memory management scheme imposes a greater book-keeping burden on the application, and refers to memory using segments of variable size.


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rooma singh

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Both schemes (paging and segmentation) are used to remove the problem of external fragmentation. Paging is used at system point of view and segmentation is used from user point of view.

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ANY programming language contains two thing

1 code
2 data
 conceptually a program around its code or data
 in POP- program around its code or code controlling "aceess to data"
oops- in oops data is in driving seat and data controlling " acess to code"

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any programming language consisting of two thing

 1 code
 2 data
all programming language conceptually around with either code or data
two paradigm used how 2 do and wt 2 do
and this is called object oriented programming and procedure programming

so major difference is
in oops data(object) is on driving seat means "data controlling the access code"
 in procedure code is in driving seat "code controlling data"

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