Moving Test Cases to Test Lab from Test Plan

I want to run the test cases from test lab. My test cases are in test plan. In our company, they don't do requirement coverage. How do I select the test cases in test lab for execution?

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when u do not have a requirement coverage defined,then we should select test cases in the order of modules or objects as they occur in the application.
i.e.,when performing a unit test for a login window (eg),first test is executed for user name window and then password field.This is how we can select tests if requirements for test procedure is not given.
We execute test cases from test lab by calling the test cases in the lab and executing them.
Pls feel free to notify me if i'm wrong

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  • Jul 6th, 2007

When there is no requirement module, plan to write the test cases in the module wise in Test plan . Lets say, File menu..... In this the open,save, print etc..

To move the test cases into test lab Go to->Test Lab and select the build in which you want to execute and click on the "Select Tests" . The list of the test sets in the Test Plan is displayed at the right side and in this select the test set which you want to execute and click on left arrow <- button at the top of the Select Tests window.
Now you can start execute the test by clicking the Run button at the top of the window in the Test Lab.
Let me Know if you are not clear.


  • Aug 9th, 2007

Once tested a test case, to pass the test case, How we can change the status of the test case in  execution Grid.
For one test case we can select the test case and change it manually but for 600 test cases, is there any short cut?
(Find and Replace option is in deactive state )


  • Sep 11th, 2011

Can you clarify this one and perhaps present a snapshot? I couldn't seem to find the items you're pointing out. Thanks!

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