Mention some of the steps to be taken by project manager to reduce stress in the project and among team members?

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Jyoti Raoot

  • Feb 28th, 2007

1)Ensure proper time management. Organise short meetings(15-30 mins) with clear objectives. 2)Ensure communication transparency amongst team members. 3)Rejoice with the team when a milestone is achieved.

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khalid hussain

  • Oct 26th, 2007

I tell all my team members to feel free and ask their questions until they understand
baseline their task and if they are having any problem with resources are any thing i always work with my team as player

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  • Jun 18th, 2008

One has to come down the PM's chair and mix up well with the team. Express confidence on the teamMaintain transparencyClear communicationStay connected with individuals through informal discussionEncourage individuals even if for a small successLead by example in pressure situationsHelp/Guide where ever possibleBe a moral support to the team when they needMaintain a healthy work environment


  • Jan 5th, 2011

Here are some of the steps which i take usually,

(1) Avoid sudden jump into the porjects without having full awareness on the requirements, brainstorm on the requirements and allow them to ask questions and clarify with the questions

(2) Be clear on the project schedules & mile stones  and do proper time management

(3) If any concerns raised, talk to the person who has raised the concern whether it is the client or your team member and conduct RCA

(4) Stand by with your team member if he is feeling stress for the right reason and pay more focus

(5) Conduct regular project health checks to avoid last minute surprises and it will for sure reduce the stress

(6) Enjoy the success events with the team members


  • Aug 10th, 2011

A manager should be a role model for his team rather being a manager. Proper communication with the team and taking care of issues of each member of the team would have a positive impact in the team, which helps the team to perform well.

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First let us understand Why Stress is developed in a team member, For any delay or issue we will go charge against a team member in meetings. SO.......

1. No Fault finding in meetings.
2. Never encourage Blame game in meetings.
3. Encourage team members to give out solution to overcome the issue.
4. Have realistic time plan for execution.
5. Always escalate the issue to the line manager along with the Team member, better have personal discussion before writing emails to the managers.
6. Encourage team member to approach you and project team for any issues rather than directly discussing with his Manager.
7. Always stand for your team member.
8. You should be ready to travel for extra miles to support your team member.

Listed above are few things you can do to reduce the stress in team member....... If your team member is having a warm feel about you, they will not have any stress while working for you..... this is my own experience...

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santosh Kumar Sharma

  • Oct 30th, 2014

Proper planning, monitoring and execution will buy good thinking/mitigation time eventually reducing stress.

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