What is fill factor, where it can be used?

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  • Aug 29th, 2006

When you create a clustered index, the data in the table is stored in the data pages of the database according to the order of the values in the indexed is known as fill factor

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Ritesh P. Medhe

  • Sep 19th, 2006



Fill factor is the term associated with indexes actually with clustured indexes

Whenever a clustured index is created sql server physically orders data in basis of the clustured column. As you must be aware that the data is sql server is stored in 8K data page. Fill factor value setting advice SQL Server to leave specified amount of space free on each page inorder to accommodate new data  if no fill factor is set SQL Server data page will be filled completely and incase a new record comes it will have to make space in the data page by reorganizing rest of the pages which is an over head. And hence it is suggested to keep reasonable value for fill factor considering future requirements.

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