What is Hibernate and Spring? Can you suggest any books or documents so that I can go through?

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Hibernate offers persistence and OR(Objet-Relational) mapping for Java/J2EE applications helping them improve performance and scalability.

Spring is a light-weight Java framework which paves the way to write faster applications without App Server (or EJB etc.)

There are a plenty of good books on these subjects. Following the most notable amongst them:

Hibernate in Action by Christian Bauer, Gavin King (Hanning)

Better, Faster, Lighter Java by Justin Gehtland, Bruce A. Tate ( O'Reilly)

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  • May 17th, 2006

Hibernate and spring are the two tools which simplifys database related

coding and increases the performance while dealing with database.

these are used as part of any application. if any one want e books

on hibernate i will send .plz send mail to me.

ok baye...................

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Note:if possible i will clarify doubts.but i send java material.

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priyanka barad

  • Sep 5th, 2006

? Hibernate and spring are the two tools, which reduces the user related JDBC(Data Base connectiity ) code and internally increases the performance.

? In these we need not to writer any databse related code, simply we need to call those methods and get the connection object


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