1. what r the virtual paths for icon configuration file path defined in a 9i and 10g appln server.2. what r the diff types of component in 9i and 10g appln server.3. which property is used to load the appln in forms configuration.4. what is lock option in reports 9i5. Howmany composite pk or unique keys are passible for single table in oracle 10g6. howmany columns are passible in single table oracle 10g7.which index is best suitable for low coordinality columns. 8. Explain the b-tree index with neat and complete example.9.what r the different types of queries that can be created in the reports 10. give me some url which is having complete details about forms9i and reports9ithanks all of you.please send it to me the answers to \'edwinpeterson_peace@yahoo.co.in

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  • Oct 23rd, 2007

lots of way for that, but you can try this
search in home path file "registry" and u can set icon path there....

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