What is Requirements Traceability ? What is the purpose of it ? Explain types of traceability matrices ?

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  • Apr 18th, 2006

Requirement tracebility is last section of the tester's test plan that measure to cover all the reqiurements of the projects/products.

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Traceability Matrix: A document showing the relationship between Test Requirements and Test Cases.

    1. It demonstrates the relationship between design inputs and design outputs
    2. It ensures that design is based on predecessor, established requirements
    3. It helps ensure that design specifications are appropriately verified, that functional requirements are appropriately validated
    4. Important: Traceability is a 2-way street. Maintain "backwards" and "forwards" -- Tunnel Vision not acceptable in the Software Life Cycle!


1. Forward Treceability

2. Backward Treceability

3. Vertical Treceability

4. Horizontal Treceability




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Traceability Matrix - In simple words mapping requirements with Test cases

As documents are interdependent the data present in the child document (Test
case document must be based on Parent document (requirements) and whenever we
are facing problem's like developer is not accepting the bug as it is not as per
the design or requirements at that time we can show them the proof by tracing
test cases with requirements

Traceability matrix show how many test cases were written to for a particular

When we are doing impact analysis Traceability matrix will help us to find
out how many test cases are affected when ever any changes are happened in the

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