Are pre-requisites required for testing?Does this reduce the effort of testing if yes in what way?

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Prasad Meduri

  • Feb 14th, 2006

Absolutely YES.

Proper test planning should be done.

It should be reviewed.

Proper knowledge base has to be given by the testlead to the concerned tester regarding the Application under test.

Relevant testcases are covering complete functionality.

We have to make sure that the devoloper has unit tested it,

You have all pre-requisites for setting up the test environment.

(Anyhow the build which comes to you is unit-tested only)

is it clear to you?

It would defintely reduce the testing effort in terms of time and resources because functionality is clear to you and you have proper document to look at when you stuct at some point.

let me know your comments and doubts.

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