What is sandwich Testing?

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  • Jan 30th, 2006

   It is related to Integration Testing.

There are two approaches in Intergration Testing. 1) Topdown Approach  2) Bottomup approach.

Sanwiich approach is the combination of both two

Prasad Meduri

  • Feb 14th, 2006

I think you know about 2 different types of Integration testing.

Stubs and skeletons are used here.

sandwitch testing is the mixture of top-down and bottom-up approach.

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  • Jul 8th, 2006

Sandwich testing is also known as Hybrid approach in Integration testing.

This approach is the combination of bottom-up & Top-Down Approach. In this approach the usage of Stubs (Called Program) and Drivers (Calling Program) are used by the programers whereever the programs are incomplete.

Shiva (Kittu).


  • Jun 8th, 2007

Sandwich Testing is the middle layer testing between top level and Low level, i.e. between top down and bottom up.we can say it as a part of inrcreamental (integration) approach of testing.

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Vivek Tiwari

  • Nov 14th, 2007

Sandwich testing is a incremental testing approach of low level testing.It is combination of topdown(stubs) and bottomup(drivers) approch,and finaly done integration testing of it.
        In another way we can say that it is combination of top down and bottom up testing.

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Atiya siddiqui

  • Nov 25th, 2017

Sandwich testing is a combination of top-down integration and bottom-up integration approaches used together to drive integration steps. It is also known as bi-directional integration.

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