I lost Rs.68 in two races. My second race loss is Rs.6 more than the first race. My friend lost Rs.4 more than me in the second race. What is the amount lost by my friend in the second race?

41 (check it)
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Ans : 41

first race loss = x
second race loss =  y

Cond 1 : x+y = 68

Cond 2 : y = x + 6

Simultaneous eq. needs to be solved.

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  • Feb 3rd, 2006

freind lost Rs 41/-

prateek nayak

  • Feb 26th, 2006

money lost by first person in 2nd race=[((68-6)/2)+6]=37.

his friend lost Rs4 more

so his friend lost 37+4=41 rupees.


  • Jul 13th, 2006

ans :

x + x+6 = rs 68

2x + 6 = 68

2x = 68-6

2x = 62


x is the amt lost in I race

x+ 6 = 31+6=37 is lost in second race

then my friend lost 37 + 4 = 41 Rs


  • Sep 15th, 2006


so S=37; F=31


S+4 =41

Suppose first race loss is x Rs.
Then second race loss is 6Rs. more than first so... it is x+6Rs.
Sum of those two races - x+x+6 = 68 we solve it we get value of x is 31.
My friend lost 4Rs. more than my second race so it is 37+4=41
Ans is 41

My first race loss is x
then second race loss will be x+6
I lost Rs.68 in two races.

so   x+x+6=68

My second race loss is=31+6 =37
My friend lost Rs.4 more than me in the second race
so ans is 37+4=41.

Ans is 41

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Vini Vashisht

  • Feb 21st, 2017

First Race=x
Second Race= x+6
Total = Rs. 68
First race=Rs. 31
Second race= 31+6= Rs. 37
4 more in second race= 37+4= Rs. 41

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Mahesh poojary

  • Jun 19th, 2017

He lost in first race Rs.31
then second race he lost Rs.6 more than first race(31+6=37)
Totally he lost in second race Rs.37
then his friend lost Rs.4 more than his in second race(37+4=41)
totally his friend lost in second race Rs.41

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