There was a circuit given using three nand gates with two inputs and one output.Find the output.A. ORB. ANDC. XORD. NOT


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abhay kumar

  • Sep 23rd, 2011

A "Nand" gate is an "And" gate with an "Inverter" added to its output.

To get a logic 1 output from a "Nand" gate, you need a logic 0 on both of its inputs.

If I understand your question correctly, you have three "Nand" gates. Presumably the outputs of two of them are connected to the inputs of the third.

Logic 1 at both inputs of the first two "Nand" gates will produce a logic 0 output from both of them. The two logic 0's are fed to the inputs of the third "Nand" gate producing a logic 0 output from the third "Nand" gate.

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