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  • Meaning of Numerology on spanners and wrenches

    When I see any spanner then always there is a number on its ends, like 10,11,12... What is the exact meaning of that numbers?

    Surendra Nath Singh

    • Mar 4th, 2018

    The number given on spanner is outer diameter of Nut and bolt in MM.


    • Jan 21st, 2015

    Its the Jaw size of the spanner.

  • Petrol Engine

    What happen if we pour petrol in diesel engine and vice versa? Explain

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    richa tiwari  

    • Member Since Aug-2009 | Aug 30th, 2009

    When petrol is used in diesel engine, the engine will not work as gasoline (petrol) has high ignition temperature and therefore has to be ignited by spark-ignition. Diesel engine on the other hand works on the principal of self-ignition in compressed fuel which is not possible with petrol.

    When diesel is used in petrol engine, there will be sudden combustion in the fuel due to spark ignition  bcoz diesel has low ignition temperature. This will lead to high knocking, which is absolutely undesirable.

  • Pressure v/s Stress

    Though units for pressure and stress are same (i.e N/mm2)What is the difference between stress and pressure?

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    • Member Since Jun-2009 | Jun 28th, 2009

    Stress is restoring force developed in the body due to any tensile, compressive or any other force per unit area and on the other hand pressure is force applied on a body per unit area.

    vinay kalgotra

    • Aug 22nd, 2017

    Brother as you said, but in some cases like in wall, eg. we are pressure applied on the wall it is also a scalar, how would we say pressure is only applied in case of fluid..


    • Jul 20th, 2017

    1. Pressure applied on fluid (Gas & Liquid) where as stress applied on solid.
    2. Pressure act perpendicular only where stress act perpendicular as well as inclined also.
    3. Pressure is only +ve magnitude but stress have both +ve and -ve.
    4. Pressure is external force and stress is internal force