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  • Sequential file with Duplicate Records

    A sequential file has 8 records with one column, below are the values in the column separated by space,1 1 2 2 3 4 5 6In a parallel job after reading the sequential file 2 more sequential files should be created, one with duplicate records and the other without duplicates.File 1 records separated by space: 1 1 2 2File 2 records separated by space: 3 4 5 6How will you do it


    • Jul 1st, 2016

    Hi Pooja, Its absolutely possible.. Src --> Copy(linksort) ---> Aggr(count rows) another link from copy -----------------> Join (Copy & aggr) ---> Filter(count=1 for trg1 and co...

    Pooja Trivedi

    • Jun 30th, 2016

    This will not give the desired output as the we want the duplicate records also n number of times where n is the number of record present in the file.

  • DataStage Technical Questions

    1. Is the Hash file is active or passive? If we take as source ?2. can u take seq file as look up?3. In hash file dynamic 30, there r two types:1)genaric2)specific what is the meaning?4. how to connect MERGE STAGE while source as two tables?5. what is the purpose of MERGE?6. how can DS job scheduled in Unix?7. how do u know how many rows rejected?8. use of universe stage?9. what is SEQ file buffer?10. diff...


    • Jun 3rd, 2015

    Scheduling the datastage jobs in unix using corntab utility (or) uc4


    • Jun 3rd, 2015

    Merge stage combine two tables based on key column and its implemented two joins 1.innerjoin,2.leftouter join. merge stage can handle large volume of data and it need less memory, the data must be partitioned and sorted also it capture the rejected data from updated source.

  • What about System variables?


    • May 23rd, 2018

    Out of all those , i am not able to find/call them in a transformer , like @LOGNAME , while i use this in a stage variable, it throws error , saying its not defined. I am using Datastage 11.5 version. Any idea how to get this done ?
    Thanks !


    • Apr 15th, 2009

    The variables which used in through out the system not in singale project is called System variables .some of the system variables are  @FALSE,@PARTITIONNUM ,@NUMPARTITIONS,@TRUE, which are avaialable in Transformer