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  • Influence Others

    Generally, how would you describe the way you influence others?


    • Dec 16th, 2008

    As long as you can identify the pros and cons, ensuring more pros of your ideas and can then quantify your reasons. Then other party will be more open to your ideas


    • Dec 6th, 2008

    To Influence others means you need to convince others with your idea. This idea can be genuine or forced one (which you yourself not agree to, generally posed by management). In both the cases you ...

  • View - Base Tables

    Does View occupy memory? If we delete the base table of existing view, What happens?

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    Mad Hatter  

    • Member Since Nov-2008 | Nov 4th, 2008

    View does not occupy memory, but Oracle keeps view code in its dictionary (you can check in user_views, for example)
    If you delete the base table, the view becomes INVALID.
    In order to make it valid again, you have to ether build the deleted table again, or create anotehr view with the same name and structure as deleted table, or create synonym with the same name as deleted table, which will point to the table with the same structure.


    • Sep 12th, 2010

    Views are database objects - they are just SQL code stored in database which will be executed every single time the view is called. Database will check the existance of columns and tables in the base ...

  • what is the difference between rownum,rowid

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    • Member Since Aug-2006 | Aug 6th, 2006

    rowid has a physical significance i.e you can read a row if you know rowid. It is complete physical address of a row.

    While rownum is temporary serial number allocated to each returned row during query execution.


    • Sep 20th, 2015

    It it will be re-assigned to a different row when inserted by Oracle.


    • Jul 3rd, 2015

    I have one doubt like you said that rowid is automatically created when we add a row(record) then what happens to rowid
    when we delete that record?