Half Controlled and Full Controlled Rectifier

What is the difference between half controlled and full controlled rectifier? Why we go for full controlled while half controlled can control voltage?

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Diode is uncontrolled and SCR is fully controlled element. In SCRs we can turn ON and OFF by gate pulse or by the other means. Whenever the diode is used in rectifier, the rectification is done by the diode properties its output cannot be controlled so its called uncontrolled rectifiers whereas the output of SCR rectifier can be controlled by the gate pulse and firing angle of the SCR so these types of rectifier are fully controlled devices. In Semiconverter, we use the combination of the SCRs and diode and output is controlled only one half AC cycle and at another cycle it cannot be due to diodes conduction. Therefore this type of rectifiers are known as half controlled rectifiers.

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  • Apr 10th, 2017

In Half controlled rectifiers, the controlled output will be in one half cycle, so the efficiency is less. But in full controlled rectifies, the controlled output will be in both the half cycle since both the sides having SCRs. So efficiency also doubled compared to half controlled.

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