Steel and Cast Iron Heat Treatment

Why steels are heat treatable and why not cast irons? If yes why?

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deepanshu verma

  • Nov 4th, 2015

As tensile strength of steel is more than cast iron (brittle) so on heating expansion occur and brittle are weak in tension and strong in compression so early fracture can occur in cast iron so not heat treated.

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  • Feb 16th, 2016

Steel is an Iron/Carbon Alloy for arguments sake. So the carbon is fully absorbed within the Iron.The carbon and iron re-settle in a various atomic micro-structures when heated and cooled down quickly or slowly making it harder/softer/more/less ductile etc.. Cast Iron has so much carbon in that it has not fully been absorbed in the the iron and small enclosures of carbon makes this material very brittle and it will not respond to heat treatment.

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akshat srivastava

  • Aug 8th, 2017

Cast iron is not heat treated because it becomes brittle.

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