Difference between STLC and Bug Life Cycle

What is the difference between STLC and Bug Life Cycle?

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  • Oct 19th, 2015

STLC - Software Test Life Cycle ==> This describes more in detail about life cycle of the test from planning, design, execution and Exit.
Bug life Cycle ==> This describes the life cycle of a bug/defect detected during the execution phase.

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  • Nov 12th, 2016

STLC: Software Testing Life Cycle
It is used to know how to test a software.

Bug Life Cycle:
It is the journey of defect from its identification till closure.
It will be usedl to find what is present defect status

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Piyush Patwa

  • Nov 20th, 2017

STLC(Software Testing Life Cycle)
SBLC(Software Bug Life Cycle)

• Requirement Analysis [we have client calls and understand req. and prepare SRS doc]
• Design [We Prepare Ui Wireframes and Mock Up based on design and]
• Implementation or Development [Coding is Carried out Based on the doc and understanding]
• Testing [Modules are then QAed by QA in order to Find Bugs]
• Evolution/Maintenance [Client examines the Modules and then comments added in next deliverable]

o Requirement Analysis.
o Test Planning.
o Test case Development.
o Test Case Execution.
o Test results Reporting.
o Defect Retesting.
o Regression Testing.
o Test Closure.

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