What kind of Tools can be used for Financial Domain Application ?

What kind of Tools can be used for Financial Domain Application ?
Consider that Application is a WEB BASED 3 TIER ARCHITECTURE.

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Pritam Thakur

  • Jul 5th, 2015

You should use QTP since its very old and improved tool, and it also comes with HPs support, other tools such as Selenium are free tools but provide no support.
Also some manual testing is advised, since automation tools do not report if there is any change in GUI like label is not showing, incorrect wording etc.

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  • Jul 22nd, 2015

Well I dont agree with the answer since as long as the application/product is web based. Manual testing is indeed required for any application since automation is not alone is never sufficient. Im not biased towards selenium but as QTP Selenium too has large groups now a days. Reporting can be done when expected test fails but for selenium needs other plugins such as TestNG but QTP has inbuilt reporting capabilities. And selenium do need a bit of programming knowledge compared to QTP since everything has to be done through programming in selenium.

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