Triggering events in oracle

A table has both before insert and after insert trigger. Also we have declared both the trigger as pragma autonomous transaction for saving the error record alone in the error table if any exception occurs. Now if we have a error in the trigger will the before insert trigger will get executed and the error data will be stored in the error table?. what is the exact use of before and after insert trigger in case of autonomous transactions..

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  • Mar 6th, 2015

If an autonomous transaction attempts to access a resource held by the main transaction, a deadlock can occur. Oracle raises an exception in the autonomous transaction, which is rolled back if the exception goes unhandled.

The Oracle initialization parameter TRANSACTIONS specifies the maximum number of concurrent transactions. That number might be exceeded because an autonomous transaction runs concurrently with the main transaction.

If you try to exit an active autonomous transaction without committing or rolling back, Oracle raises an exception. If the exception goes unhandled, the transaction is rolled back.

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DInesh Shukla

  • Apr 15th, 2015

As we declared pragma here. It will insert the record in error table if got fail during execution.

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