Informatica grid

What is meant by informatica grid? what are the component of informatica grid?

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Pruthvi S

  • Dec 21st, 2014

A grid is an alias assigned to a group of nodes that allows you to automate the distribution of workflows and sessions across nodes.

When you use a grid, the Integration Service distributes workflow tasks and session threads across multiple nodes. A Load Balancer distributes tasks to nodes without overloading any node. Running workflows and sessions on the nodes of a grid provides the following performance gains:

Balances the Integration Service workload.

Processes concurrent sessions faster.

Processes partitions faster.

The Integration Service requires CPU resources for parsing input data and formatting the output data. A grid can improve performance when you have a performance bottleneck in the extract and load steps of a session.

A grid can improve performance when memory or temporary storage is a performance bottleneck. When a PowerCenter mapping contains a transformation that has cache memory, deploying adequate memory and separate disk storage for each cache instance improves performance.

Running a session on a grid can improve throughput because the grid provides more resources to run the session. Performance improves when you run a few sessions on the grid at a time. Running a session on a grid is more efficient than running a workflow over a grid if the number of concurrent session partitions is less than the number of nodes.

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Fabio Mendonça

  • Mar 31st, 2016

When I use a grid in a Workflow and my second session (S2) has distributed on 3 links ....

Question: The process that run on link 1 (S1 , S2 , S3 , S4, S5) , get the same link until the end (S5) ?

S1 _____S2______ S3 ______ S4 _____ S5
____ S6
_____ S7

Thanks for all help
Fabio Mendonca
Powecenter development

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