An electricity board charges the following rates to domestic users to discourage large consumption of energy:
for the first 100 units - 10 paise per unit 
 for next 200 units - 20 paisa per unit
 beyond 300 units - 30 paisa per unit . if the total cost is more than 10 OMR then an additional surcharge of 15% is added.draw the flowchart and write the algorithm to calculate the amount for number of units consumed

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  • Oct 17th, 2016

1 start
2 Input U for unit
3 If U<=100, C=U*0.1, go to step 6
4 If U<=300, C=100*0.1 + (U-100)*0.2, go to step 6
5 C=100*0.1 +200*0.2 + (U-300)*0.3
6 D=C/100
7 If D>10, D=D*(1+15%)
8 Print cost D
9 End

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