Maintaining Data Integrity

How can I maintain unique surrogate key if 2 separate workflow in different repository run at the same time and insert/update the main table.
Please let me know how can I achieve the above scenario.

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This can be achieved,

1. Create a sequence generator transformation in transformation developer and use this transformation instead of using separate sequence generators.
2. Use mapplet and design sequence generator logic. Use this mapplet in the mappings.
3. Or Use 1 sequence generator to load odd numbers surrogate key and other to load even numbers.

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Yes, we can. But we need to export/import the mapplet in different repositories.

Working with Mapplets:
After you create a mapplet, you can validate or edit the mapplet in the Mapplet Designer. You can also use the Designer to copy mapplets, export and import mapplets, create shortcuts to mapplets, and delete mapplets from the repository.

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Venkateswara Rao

  • Oct 14th, 2014

In this scenario the best approach is to define a sequence in Database (ex :oracle ).. Call in informatica when ever you want . even if it is across multiple repositories it will work.

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