What is the difference between black box and white box testing ?

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Parinitha Murali

  • May 25th, 2014

White Box Testing:

> After the software is developed, the developer checks each and every line of code against the requirements. Since each and every line is tested here. it is also called unit testing and since the code is visible here it is also called transparent testing or glass box testing.
>Usually it is the developer who performs WBT

Black box testing:

>After White Box testing is completed by the developer. the software is sent to the tester checks every component thoroughly against the SRS. This is called black box testing. Since the code is not visible here, it is also called closed box testing.
>Always it is the tester who performs BBT


  • Jul 4th, 2014

Black box testing :Code is invisible,Testers are needed
White Box Testing : Code is visible,Only Developers are needed because they are the ones having good knowledge of programming as compared to the tester.

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  • May 5th, 2015

1.white box testing is used to test only internal logic where as black box testing is used to testing test functionality of software.
2.white box testing is a process model where as black box testing is a product model.
3.Black box testing is done by developers where as black box testing is done by testers.
4.white box testing is done in positive way where as black box testing is done in negative way .
5. white box testing may not cover non-functionality like black box testing

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