What is gap analysis ? can u tell me any example?

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  • Apr 29th, 2015

Gap Analysis is the important task in Business Blueprint Preparation stage in ASAP methodology. Here the consultant finds the AS IS and TO BE part in the business process. Some of the the customers requirement may be present in the STD SAP but some features need to be added through some configuration or customization in SAP. This analysis about the GAP that is the difference between what is existing and what is required more is called Gap Analysis.


  • Mar 11th, 2016

Gap Analysis is take a major role in Business Blueprint phase in ASAP Methodology.When the consultant prepare Business Blue print(BBP) document, he has to prepare AS-IS and TO-BE document.TO-BE is how the clients Business process into SAP after that consultant prepare TO-BE document at that time he gets GAP.GAP means there is no solution for clients business process in SAP.After that consultant have to prepare GAP Analysis document which consist of -1-Clear description of GAP,2-Alternate Solution,3-Estimated Efforts (a)-Functional Man days,(b)-Technical Man days.

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  • Mar 11th, 2016

It is a way of comparing the actual result with the proposed function or in a way it is the way of analyzing existing system functionalities and comparing them with proposed system functionalities to know the difference

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