What is the difference between control plane and data plane?

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  • Feb 13th, 2013

Control panel : Consists of the Windows Applets.
Data Plane : In routing, it is usually referred as Data frame, which consists of the various modules.

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Asif Shaikh

  • May 25th, 2014

control plane & Data plane is resources of device , they distinguish into two part control plane & data plane & reserved 50 to 50% bandwidth for that, normally control plane is carry control packet like cdp messages, hello messages for neighboship for routers & switches , control plane packet is broadcast or multicast, Data plane is carry Data packet, data packet is unicast.

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  • Jul 26th, 2015

Control Plane is the traffic of the routing protocol (eg: rip,ospf,eigrp, depending on what protocol is being used in the network.)
Data Plane: Dataplane carries the actual data.

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