Tracibility matrix

How would you track changes and defects using tracibility matrix

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  • Mar 5th, 2013

Traceability is a technique that provides a relationship between different levels of requirements in the system. This technique helps you determine the origin of any requirement.

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  • Mar 5th, 2013

Traceability Matrix is a document, usually its a form of a table, that correlates any two baselined documents that require a many-to-many relationship to determine the completeness of the relationship.

It is often used with high-level requirements (these often consist of marketing requirements) and detailed requirements of the product to the matching parts of high-level design, detailed design, test plan, and test cases.


  • Jul 18th, 2013

Traceability matrix explains how a requirement is mapped to piece of code and how that code is mapped with test case.

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