Relative humidity

How does the cooling by air conditioning affect the relative humidity?

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  • Sep 7th, 2012

More than humidity it is hole, so absorb humidity and control humidity and feeling better.

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  • Nov 23rd, 2012

Relative humidity is the ratio of partial vapor pressure of air to the partial vapor pressure of air at saturation temperature.

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  • Dec 3rd, 2012

Relative humidity is ratio of mass of vapors in a given volume of air to the mass of vapors in the same volume at saturated point. With increase or decrease of % humidity or degree of saturation the relative humidity will be effected.

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shaik samdani

  • Sep 5th, 2015

Simply RH is calculated as difference between dry bulb & wet bulb temps. The difference b/w these more RH% is more, its less RH% is less. When we apply A/C to dry bulb, temp decreases so RH% also decreases.

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