Load Runner correlation?

What is Correlation? When and Where we used? How to run it in the software?

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Chitra C

  • Sep 7th, 2012

HTML Pages often contain dynamic data, which is data that changes each time you access a site.

When you record a script, dynamic data may be recorded into the script. Your script tries to present the recorded variables to the web server, but they are no longer valid. The web server rejects them and issues an error, Using log files we can detect them.
Using correlation we can solve the issue.

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raviteja g

  • Mar 3rd, 2013

Correlation is the way handling dynamic values in client server communication.
The values captured will be send back to server in later steps in the script.
Correlation is typically used for handling session ids
Correlation Techniques:

Manual correlation
Automatic correlation.


  • May 22nd, 2013

load runner correlation means we will execute the scenario and get the dynamic values from the server side response.and that values are dynamically changing the each time execution.so, that values correlate with left and right boundaries and then the value is replace into the variable..........

Basically correlations are two types:
1.Manual correlation
2.Automatic correlation

In the correlation rule the session id only do the automatic correlation.
and renaming are the manual correlation.

IN banking sector we prefer the dd request.
Mainly in the dd request the correlated values is
1.session id
3.successful id

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  • Mar 13th, 2014

Correlation is nothing but handling dynamic data Simply.In Load Runner,we can do correlation in two ways.

1)Manual Correlation
2)Automatic Correlation

In Manual Correlation we will use a function called as web_reg_save_param() with the required parameters.



Here LB & RB are the left and right boundaries of correlated value in server response.And Ord is Ordinal number which is nothing but Occurance of that Correlated value.some more parameters available we will use depending upon situation occurs.

In Automatic Correlation two methods are available.

* Scan script for Correlation
* Correaltion Rule

Both are used to reduce time.But not recommended because sometimes these not works.

To do scan script for correlation we have to record script after that need to run the script once.after that goto tools menu select scan script for correlation option select the correlation value in the window and click on correlate .It will automatically displays correlated function in script.

To do correlation rule before recording we have to provide some correlation rules like left boundary and right boundary like that.After that we need to do the scripting but always it wont work.

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